Impact on Scholarship Recipients

Alfredo Beltran. I am honored to be the baritone soloist for Coro Lux’s  performances of Brahms’s Ein deutsches Requiem and Mozart’s Missa Brevis, among others. As a recent graduate of a the University of Missouri-Kansas City with a master’s degree in vocal performance, these solo opportunities are a major step toward an operatic and concert solo career.

The baritone solos in Ein deutsches Requiem are some of the pinnacle concert solos for baritone singers. While Coro Lux could have easily hired a more experienced singer to sing the solos, I am honored and indebted to Brad Ellingboe and Coro Lux for giving me this opportunity. Not only will this opportunity give me the experience needed by singers to succeed in the industry, but the generous scholarship that I have been given to sing the solos and sing with the choir will help me financially as I start on the path to an operatic and concert solo career.


Rebecca Brunette. I feel very lucky to have been chosen as the soprano soloist for Coro Lux’s performance of the Brahms Requiem, Mozart’s Missa Brevis, and other great works. I have studied music all of my life, but for the past couple of years, I had taken a break from music. I came to realize that its absence had left a large hole in my life. While in these doldrums, I came across Coro Lux, a community chorus conducted by a former professor and mentor, Brad Ellingboe. I had been looking for a way to rejoin the musical community and I finally found my way back in.

Having sung both as chorister and as a soloist, I treasure the warmth and camaraderie I feel emanating from this choir. Without this stepping stone back towards classical music I don’t know if I would have found my footing. I would like to thank Coro Lux, the Board, and all of the people who attend our concerts. It means the world to musicians to have a community behind us. Music has been a cornerstone of my life, and I am glad to be participating again.