June, 2020

Dear friends of Coro Lux,

As I write this note, I’m amazed at how quickly our world has changed. However, I need not explain that to you. You’re living this reality, as well.

Though we grieve the loss of rehearsing and performing three concerts this spring, I’m so very proud of our organization for using this enforced “time out” to try to continue to “do good while we do well.” I would particularly direct your attention to the work of our ad hoc medical committee, formed from within our own ensemble, and their comprehensive Report on Singing in the Time of COVID-19. The concision and thoroughness of their report is garnering national attention!

Along with the medical report, the board and membership also created an official Statement on Inclusivity, found on the front page of our website. We vow to redouble our efforts to help hasten the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s belief that “the long arc of history bends toward justice.”

Before the world came to a halt in March, Coro Lux and the United Church of Santa Fe combined forces to present a benefit concert in January. Coro Lux’s charity this year was the New Mexico Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind. I’m happy to report that, despite everything, we sent this worthy organization a check for $1,375 earlier this spring.

Some have gone on record as saying “we’re all in the same boat.” We disagree. We would say we’re all in the same storm, but some people’s boats are much more secure. Coro Lux is a generous community and created our own “COVID-19 Fund,” from which we gave several grants aiding our own members.

Coro Lux will weather this storm and come out the other side strong and vital. We trust in the magic of new beginnings.

Stay well,

Bradley Ellingboe

Artistic Director
ABQ Coro Lux

Coro Lux — an auditioned chorus — has a generous scholarship program meant to help ALL who need financial help to participate, particularly those who are in the midst of, or who have recently finished, their schooling.

 For information about joining our chorus or contributing to our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, please email info@abqcorolux.org.

Coro Lux Statement on Inclusivity

Coro Lux is built on the ideal of “doing good as we do well.” We believe that in diversity there is strength. We believe the voices of the world should be heard, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation. In the past we have used our concerts to call for peace and to benefit charitable causes, and we will redouble our efforts going forward. Through our art we sing for a better world.


Report on Singing in the Time of COVID-19


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Dear friends of Coro Lux

It will come as no surprise but, nevertheless, this notice officially cancels the remainder of our spring season.

The New Mexico Philharmonic is committed to rescheduling our performance of the Requiem. That date has yet to be set.

In regard to the May concerts by the Chamber Chorus at the Canteen Brewhouse those, too, may be rescheduled, perhaps even in the summer. Of course, we need to see what the situation dictates as the coming months unfold.

I’m disappointed, as I know many of you are, but safety must come first.

Blessings and good health to you all.


Bradley Ellingboe
Artistic Director
Coro Lux



Sunday, April 19, 2020 – 3:00pm (POSTPONED)
National Hispanic Cultural Center
Albuquerque, NM

The Coro Lux Oratorio Society and the New Mexico Philharmonic present Requiem by Bradley Ellingboe.


Sunday, May 3, 2020 – (TO BE RESCHEDULED)
Canteen Brewhouse
2381 Aztec Rd. NE

The Coro Lux Chamber Chorus presents Our Fifth Annual Pops Concert and Sing-Along.