March, 2021

Dear friends,

The days are getting warmer, and longer, and vaccines are starting to be administered in large numbers. After nearly a year of quarantine, it’s time to begin thinking about singing again!

The Board and I recently spent time planning when we might once again hold rehearsals, trying to determine what it would take for that to happen safely. The more I ponder this exciting possibility, the more variables come into play, but here are some things we can tell you as of today’s date.

First of all, we WILL make definite plans to start rehearsing in some fashion no later than April. At first this will take the form of online rehearsals. Of course, nothing takes the place of being together in person in a good acoustic. Nevertheless, after a year without singing, it will be good to start slowly and get some of the “rust off the pipes.”

Second, we can’t come together again in person until it’s legal to do so in the state of New Mexico. Right now it’s anyone’s guess as to when the present restrictions might be lifted.

My guess is we’ll be allowed to have larger outdoor gatherings this summer, so perhaps we could prepare some music this summer and present small outdoor concerts? In terms of finally containing Covid-19, the fall may be better than the summer, or we may see an uptick in cases as people come back indoors. We just don’t know yet.

Given the information we have right now, we’re planning the following: 1) We’ll start to sing virtually this spring, and in-person this summer; 2) We’ll have to see what the fall brings before making any decisions, and; 3) We’ll assume we can be back to normal by the spring of 2022. All this being said, we must also admit that things will not be “normal” for a while yet.

And so, the Coro Lux of 2020 is gone. It would have been gone by now, anyhow, but I’m sad we never got to show that group off. The Coro Lux of 2022 is not yet here, but will be amazing! And the chorus of 2021 will be a hybrid animal… but we WILL sing!

Stay safe and stay tuned,

Bradley Ellingboe
Founder and Artistic Director

Coro Lux — an auditioned chorus — has a generous scholarship program meant to help ALL who need financial help to participate, particularly those who are in the midst of, or who have recently finished, their schooling.

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Coro Lux Statement on Inclusivity

Coro Lux is built on the ideal of “doing good as we do well.” We believe that in diversity there is strength. We believe the voices of the world should be heard, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation. In the past we have used our concerts to call for peace and to benefit charitable causes, and we will redouble our efforts going forward. Through our art we sing for a better world.

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