Doing Good While Doing Well

Coro Lux has an unofficial motto that we like “to do good while we do well.” Although we are, of course, a non-profit ourselves, we have often used our concerts as a way to draw attention to other worthy causes in our community and to help raise funds for them, as well. To date our efforts have benefitted:

  • The New Mexico Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Health (FebFest 2022)
  • The NAACP College Scholarship Fund (JanFest 2021)
  • The NM Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind (Fall 2020)
  • Paws and Stripes (Fall 2017)
  • The Roadrunner Food Bank (JanFest 2020)
  • And our own members in need of financial assistance during Covid-19

We look forward to continuing to help when and where we can, as we continue to further our official mission: Coro Lux (“Chorus of Light”) is a non­profit organization dedicated to the preparation and performance of great choral music for the enrichment and delight of our audiences and ourselves, and to propagating love of the choral art in the next generation of singers.