Thank you for your interest in auditioning with Coro Lux! Here are some details to note before your audition.

  • Auditions will be held Monday through Friday, TBD, 2021. It is not necessary to bring an accompanist. Ideally, you will bring a prepared solo, but not having a solo is also acceptable.
  • Coro Lux has two groups: the Oratorio Society (60 members) and the Chamber Chorus (16 members). Each group has its own set of concerts. Members of the Chamber Chorus must also sing in the Oratorio Society.
  • The first rehearsal is be on Tuesday, September 3rd. Rehearsals are on Tuesday evenings from 7 – 9 pm and are held at St. Paul Lutheran Church, 1100 Indian School Rd. NE.
  • The cost of membership is $85 per “semester” but we have a generous scholarship program. If you are chosen for Coro Lux and cannot afford the tuition, simply let us know.

In regard to the audition process itself:

If you cannot find an audition slot that fits your schedule, contact our conductor, Bradley Ellingboe, at to see about setting up a different appointment.

Auditions will be held in the Choir Room of St. Paul Lutheran Church, 1100 Indian School Rd. NE. Please wait in your car outside the choir room until someone comes to get you. (Otherwise you’ll walk straight in on someone else’s audition.)

You will be tested on vocal range, size and timbre of voice, and tonal memory.

Those interested in membership in the Chamber Chorus will be asked to sight-read.

Thanks again for your interest and good luck!


To sign up for an Audition if you are a NEW member (you did not sing in a past season), please click here.